Our values

Inclusive Engagement

We prioritize inclusivity by directing our efforts towards all areas and neighborhoods of Tripoli, responding to needs without discrimination based on race, religion, or ideology.

Rights-Based Approach

Upholding the rights of women, children, and marginalized groups lies at the core of our work, ensuring their protection and empowerment.

Openness and Integration

We actively foster an environment of openness, encouraging a broader participation of individuals who share our vision for a comprehensive and impactful response.

Collaborative Participation

Working hand-in-hand with communities and local authorities, we collaborate with those who possess a deep understanding of the local needs and ground realities.

Fostering Responsibility

Our initiatives promote a sense of responsibility, encouraging individuals, families, and communities to embrace self-reliance and sustainable development.

Volunteer Mobilization

By mobilizing and organizing local volunteers, we harness the power of community participation in our humanitarian and developmental endeavors for the betterment of their own communities.

Transparency and Accountability

We strongly believe in transparency and accountability, ensuring donors are kept informed about project development and financial matters, upholding a commitment to openness and integrity.